Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Recents

I think the water smells and tastes funny. Not just at my house everywhere. Not just in Chicago everywhere either. Craig agrees. Some say Zebra Mussels are the cause. "Okay". Contact me here if you agree.

In other news;
I am having a going out of business sale, premium items will become affordable. Affordable even in our current economic "crunch". Contact me here if there is something you've always had your eye on. Prices based on relativism.

I'm buying up land, and houses, contact me if you're feeling foreclosureish, we might be able to work something out.

Also as a reminder, the applications for: UNPAID INTERN. are due at the end of this week. Late applications WILL be accepted.
Mail to: 2401 W Lexington apt 4
Chicago, IL 60612
or drop off in person.


Blogger Eric Oij said...

the water does smell and taste funny, but at least we dont get cholera

12:32 PM  

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