Sunday, May 04, 2008

chicken bones and the bus never comes.

...were going to toss chicken bones around to look into the future. we'll let you know whats going to happen, but heres what weve learned so far.

in the future, tigers will be made out of metal. they will be really good at sodoku. in the future, there will be more people who used to be alive. in the future the nfl will institute the wild card rule, secretly giving one player a gun before each game to be concealed until its needed. in the future nobody will cast a shadow or be reflected in mirrors.

i apologize if i was pointing at you menacingly last night. im really not that tough... you were never in any danger.

in the future, wet feet will be a thing of the past.

in the future, we'll all die of thirst because we will be controlling the weather.

in the future we'll all die of thirst anyway, and controlling the weather will be a thing of the past.

in the future there will be lots of things that are things of the past...