Monday, December 25, 2006

Zombie Christmas

Why is it christmas, it doesnt feel right.

The zombie spirits have claimed this christmas for thier own. They just want our brains. Its not so much to ask for is it. I have allready seen many claimed by the zombies this christmas, and they are knockin at the door. So, batten down the hatches, close all shutters and lock all doors so you will not be claimed by the zombies. and get me a sword with a sawedoff shotgun in it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

jumping for citrus

riding through the dark past the noises and moving things...florida death airstrip.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

listing things in florida.

Quoth charlie... "everything in florida is 'the florida death' whatever it is.

this is the truth.

florida death panther

florida death strip mall after florida death strip mall

florida death retiree


charlie has been making a list (as well as lots of primitive weapons and tools out of garbage). i hope that he can post it at some point.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"you should have seen me reading marx."

"Asia is rising against me.
I haven't got a chinaman's chance.
I'd better consider my national resources.
My national resources consist of two joints of marijuana, millions of genitals,
an unpublishable private literature that goes 1400 MPH and
25,000 mental institutions."
(Allen Ginsberg)

consider outsource man. consider war epic. consider socio/political CIARD.

craig gave me this on a mix cd with some tubby the tuba and lots of other good stuff.

list everything here... everthing is everything because it is also not everything else.

geoff is geoff because geoff is also not table
table is table because table is also not paper bag
paper bag is paper bag because it is also not (signifier)
(and thus, the endless chain of signifiers, each one giving every other one meaning by not being anything other than itself)

our view of the nature of the thing is a construct, just like every other aspect of our perceived existence (gender, race, language, culture, politics, etc). that is to say that we invent and collectively validate (or, begrudgingly sanction, for lack of a reasonable alternative) structures asserting that an object is an object and an institution is an institution and an idea is an idea and a person is a person. we are doomed to exist inside of the framework of these constructions, as self conscious beings, in order to establish (invent) social networks key to survival and proliferation.

we need to talk.

a thing is a thing, a biological entity is a thing, an animal is a thing, a marsupial is a thing, a kangaroo is a thing, a joey is a thing.

is it not a contradiction to say that a joey is a joey because it is also not a kangaroo? in our constructed existence, can an object be different than its signifier? a joey is a kangaroo, but a kangaroo is not necessarily a joey. to answer this question, we might need to reread it (the preceding question) in several different languages... i recommend that we start with some pama- nyungan tempered by some form of Inuit (eskimo... ehem).

my uncle is a laser physicist who repeatedly forgot to send me his extra copy of "communist manifesto" throughout my jr. high years.

(most likely at the request of my parents).its probably a good thing... fuck, the damage i could have caused with all that rhetoric which would have almost certainly been applied to connecting punk rock lyrics like constellations.

not until your 12 son.
aw... a handgun. i wanted politics.

"It is the specific virtue of both art and pure maths to be perfectly useless."(Trevor Pateman. "Formalism: Clive Bell and Viktor Shklovsky")

of course there is no such thing as the singular... there are always two autonomous parts and the whole that they make.

i would argue that, as much as it is incumbent upon art and pure math to have the purpose of having no purpose... the purpose of having no purpose dictates function to the artist, to the viewer and to the critic, validating the efforts and actions of all involved and creating a use value.

someone please break this argument apart.

Friday, December 15, 2006

last from eirre

Last post frm here. it's been an experimental adventure. The last few days have been espeacially ridicuous, I have schooled the school, and now I am taking my talents elsewhere. This ones for GS, found in Dubs.

p.s. I have a painting portfolio up for review at SAIC, links : please refrain from commenting on it till i give the o.k. (or better yet post comments here.)
I'm be out of the office for the next few weeks moving into yet another CIARD outpost, this time in Brighton. I'll stop by from time to time.
January 8th; please provide 30 PBRS and yourselves to the HQ.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

goddamn, i miss the furniture store sometimes. maybe just when i need a job and dont wanna work for assholes or butfaces or fanney bewps.

Friday, December 08, 2006

summer in the desert again. joliet, IL.

driving wedding photos to a family at a funeral. joliet in the summer time(2005). so bleak and dead, and brown and yellow it could have been gray but the ac was broken (at 100 degrees + with humidity, this speaks to the color(s)). there was stickey beige leather interior with a sunroof, two sweaty boys and a dead bee (sleeper cell. latent threat).

a few weeks later, at the real height of summer... we drove the same car, through the desert again... colorado, new mexico, arizona, and california.

chicago, and its swamps have (some of) the hottest heat. i promise.

this is a year later... at a wedding, on a sidewalk, in the lush desert of joliet, il. july, 2006.

he's way dead by now

Thursday, December 07, 2006

contested region... line of control.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

signage in a snowstorm.

or the day after.
dont not stop.
there is no not stopping.

"acadamia for the academics!" goes the battle cry.

is it because of the scale of relevance% that i cant get it to come up in a google search? how do they know?
there is this place... and i sit and think... and we are still lacking discourse,
are we not?here is this anyway.