Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can it really be this cold?

I know I know the weather, but what the fuck. i went outside for like 2 seconds and my socks froze to the ground. Why is this happening, now of all times. its terrible. Snow for tomarrow, school might be canceled, and i just want to lock myself in my room and hybrinate till spring. wait, then i couldnt do shit for 3 months. moral of the story... time to put your hat on.

where is the pastiche in postmodern city planning.

its a complicated matter that you all are more than welcome to look into, but to explain very very very simply.

a modern(ist) city is a city about a city.

the po-mo city is the ironic evolution of city planning. where there was once a city for citys sake, there are now low density high population tracts of land throughout which you will find islands of commerce and the smoldering glow of culture looming in the distance.

think Chicago vs. the silicon valley.

these labels contradict themselves, because a time period and a group of philosophical ideals become a movement and the movement must be embraced or rejected. there is no sharing of values when they come in packages. just think about partisan politics... (and here i was just about to send in my donation to the people for the ethical treatment of historical context).

its is all a pile of piles of ideas... this having been said, Marx would have never sanctioned such an evil (the whole civilization being built around off ramps... strip malls instead of anything/everything else... sprawling sprawl).

all the homes, freeways, and corperate campuses in silicon valley are built on top of some of the most fertile soil under the best fruit yielding climates that could even be concievable on the face of this earth. now, the fruit growers are all gone and your average grocery store offers bottles of $900 foreign wine. such is the nature of paradise. unknown and then unaffordable.

i want to be ether... somone make me a statue

i read too much to care about what you think. i dont read enough for you to care about what i think. i think too much... i dont think enough... and this is true of many of us.

been thinking about the nature of reatlity... semantics... linguistics... etymology... and how this effects our ontological perspective. a lot. for months... years. this is important.

feral children. what does it mean to be who i am vs who i tell myself i am.

goddamit, whether or not this is the point (it may be. it felt like an epipheny when i was turning it over the other night. a very sad revelation). to do this it needs to be done. there are things i like and dont like about art and life, but i still live and make things.

just someone start to set up meah! and popop myspaces. i started to set up so many, and it makes me a little sick so i give up. one of you souless bastards make us look cool.

Ruben's Tube

More appropraite to have been posted by our resident wave expert, here is an awesome video of the physical manifestation of sound waves at different frequencies.

Where's your god now Dr. Scientist!?

If anyone wants to get me anything for the upcoming winter holiday

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the goose goes to gander at the great peak

force my face to your bussom
my neck forms the rythm
of the blue aprain of my pain
chain me to the wall of hungry flesh
shorts the old men wear in the field playing hockey
your face
hate paste
make haste.

can you rythem my motion
for the seagull swoops over the ocean
rocks blocks hawks
where you flying to

Thursday, November 23, 2006

diseased blankets giving day.

Crossing the straits... pursuing mega fauna to thier doom... right on down to tierra del fuego. There should be more turkeys with teeth and natives with machine guns.

i am listening to a funney conversation about me in the other room... "is geoff graduating soon?"... and so forth. excuse me i am going to go and stand in the backround until i'm found out...

Monday, November 20, 2006

the sky is blue, because you want to know why the sky is blue.

sloppy zen again.

acts of kindness... stacking stones durring the ascent...

Friday, November 17, 2006


I will be installing several fairly small discreet objects, mounted on the wall or on pedestal. The walls and floor will remain white and grey respectively.

My proposed installation includes the following elements; an all black photograph entitled, "4x6 Photograph of Everything", a slightly larger than baby-bel cheese sized clay sculpture entitled "Good Sculpture", wall mounted headphones (not plugged into anything) entitled, " Good Sound Piece", and painting (see slide) entitled "Studio Painting".

I will require an installation room for this work because it is integral to the concept of the work that the viewer be in close and closed relationship with the work
The aforementioned elements presented in context of the white cube like installation room suggest a skeptical and equally idealistic narrative. The work, which appears as critique of the gallery constructs of meaning and initially seems cynical, ultimately reveals itself as humanist. The compression of space and the subsequent forced intimacy is necessary to solicit in the viewer an empathy with the objects, such that their relationality can be elucidated away from the already re-constructed gallery/artfair space of the open BFA show.

I will be creating an installation of four elements representative of the taxonomy of contemporary art practice; a photo piece, a sculpture, a sound piece and a painting. Individually the pieces address the viewer's expectation and curiosity by alternately soliciting interest and denying the desire for meaning. Relationally the pieces address the sense of bewildered, ecstatic ambivalence inherent in availability of everything.

(this post has been edited, the proposal has been improved, the discourse surrounding the work has advanced)


We do everything. And Nothing. Art about nothing may actually be (/about) more than nothing. (I hold this belief firmly and tightly, like someone/everyone I love and am not willing to let go of). Art about everything often ends up being about nothing. That's o.k. The other day I did stuff that wasn't art. It was really good (art). I hold my parenthesis and my punctuation very firmly. For it functions. Let's keep it going. We don't have any thing to push against (the world is wide open and ours when we leave every option open [like we do]), which means we should be careful not push against eachother. I thought your open letter was lovely and poetic (by the way). I'm in Ireland right now.


Patrick Rios
President and Co-Founder of:
(and every other thing in the world)

P.S. This blog alows the author of a post to edit it. Said author can either edit it, not edit, or do whatever said author wants.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

wheres charliestache?

always trying to flesh out exactly what we do.

this is the second to last paragraph in a short piece about "concrete warriors" in relation to ciard. The paper is only a month old, there are piles and piles of this kind of material dating back a few years now. This passage is some kind of explaination of what we do.

-The group is a serious and prolific fake organization which releases a barrage of media through the Internet and at live gatherings. Currently there are six to ten active participants in the endeavor, ranging from artists to writers to musicians, we shed medium and then talk ourselves back into the clothing. I have written far more about CIARD than anything else in the last few years. Its dense and not the point of this particular piece but to sum it up, the creative mind will always be the clandestine incumbent within any social ordering.

the paper was signed...

-Geoffrey Carr
president/cofounder CIARD.

moving on.

richard tuttle at the mca!!!!!!!!!!

its really worth it if your in chicago. if it wasnt free, it would be worth it.

we danced our selves out of the womb.

as a published response to a private post by patrick... and another open letter to all who post here.

i would like to prelude this with the the statement that i am conscious of the fact that the post "this is all happening so fast (nov 13, ciardhq)" was the catalyst for the most recent collective tangent that we are taking.

that having been said... i am not sorry for my words or anyone elses which have made thier way into this dialogue... nor should anyone else be.

the post was an open letter to no one in particular, or anyone who would listen to another art and text rant about life, just life. (while some of you took this to mean one thing... which i will not harp on... another friend of mine, otherwise unrelated to the institute took this to mean that i had a new love interest myself. always say what you mean, but whenever possible think before you speak.)

the danger, as i see it, is letting one (exceptionally ambiguous) issue/ post take over the conversation, especially on such a volatile issue which could very easily become degrative to our personal relationships and interaction, and especially in specific implications of individuals relating to previous posts which (believe it or not) may or may not be addressing said individuals in specific.

CIARD hq was originally in reference to the CIARD Lexington ave dorms. it was to be a conduit between chicago and Ireland... the intended members to be geoffrey, patrick and charlie (sub-lesee and comrade).

i saw in this blog the opportunity to share ideas between a larger group of close friends, colleagues, artists musicians etc. without being precious or self conscious as to what we posted. i sent out invitations to the usual round up and we were off (zoom) in september/ early october. suffice to say, we have gotten grossly off topic several times to date, but will inevitably always come back around to our collective vision(s).

today i believe CIARD hq is meant to be a dialogue carrying out what i see as one of the fundemental aspects of our workflow and unofficial missions... "everything we do is art". to break down our own realities, deconstruct if you will, to the point that we can relate it to our lives and work... in both a pragmatic and more etheral sense.

the blog is about our lives as much as the work of the institute... because eventually the events unfolding in our lives will become the work of the institute (as a general rule, through incorporation not conformation).

i really want people to do what they want, without taking into account what anyone else thinks... the assumption being that the ideas wrapped into "do what you want, or do what i tell you" and "everything we do is art" come along with the realization that we all should be living consciously, justifying our otherwise arbitrary actions or reflections through either the ends, the means or some combination thereof. art about nothing is nothing.

as far as i know (and i could be completely off base with this) i am the only one who has the power to edit this blog... which i havn't... in spite of my personal taste as to what is relevant or not. comments are a different story

anonymous posting is ok. i set the blog up to allow anyone to post (comments), whether or not they have a blogger account. deleted posts and comments are less ok. we are all friends here and you will be forgiven for whatever you were feeling at the time.

Pay attn

Me and all my friends do what we want, and we're conscious and invested, and therefore we achieve auto-growth easily and lots of people love us, and because of all of this we are free as fuck, and therefore very dangerous and powerful.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Global Warming Initiative

So contrary to popular belief of large industry and some politicians, global warming is happening. I say SWEET! Bring it on. Price and Rind (1994a) showed that with each 1 degree C global temperature increase, there is a 5-6% increase in the incidence of lightning. So... I say, go buy a McDonald hamburger of fantastic Brazilian beef, arguably one of the leading causes of Global Warming. I just did, it was absolutely disgusting, but I feel that I have at least cut down one rainforest tree, so I am doing my part. Drive you car emitting as much CO2 as possible, buy unrecyled paper, go outside and empty an entire aerosol can (look for a no CFCs label, if its there, don't buy it!) 60 degrees in January with thunderstorms, sounds lovely. Loose Florida, let it wash away. More hurricanes Ohio yeah. The planet will go extinct, but we know how to engineer, well get over it. The human race is relatively resilient. We can just go find a new planet. So support global warming! It will make the human species the best on the planet!

Everyone knows I'm an asshole.

It's true. Mine was a pointed statement of emotive conjuring.


the Institute.


there was a wierd Magnetic-Field anomoly at about 7:30 this evening, you should check it out. there are massive waves continuously passing through us. everything propagates as and is a wave. frequencies give us shape, light, and sound... apriciate the glory of a wave

Atmospheric Physics specialist

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

there is no "this" situation.

my post was an open letter to everyone i know.

Monday, November 13, 2006

this is all happening so fast.

Dear Everyone I Know,

Love is a strong word.

Very fond of, but we have only known each other for _______ (insert some time frame here... for most of you less than a square month) and I think we should wait before I profess my supreme adoration/ make plans to fly to the sun together.


ps it might have been easier to keep a level head because im not sleeping with you, Everyone I Know.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Giant Monsters Kill Robots!!!!!!!!!!

So Giant Monsters are going to be our only savior from the robots, who will inexplicably kill us. We must befriend these giant monsters, and we will win the human robot war. These giant monsters will have big claws and crusty eyes. Undoubtedly they will probably get bored after they kill all the robots and go after the humans, but well ship them off to the sun after they do in almost all of the robots. These robots are vicious, with laser beam eyes and long wave hair that's always flowing in the wind. They stun you with there good looks and blow your head up with their eyes... Its kindof like medusa.

making easels

original packaging


grand entrance

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

parts of pieces of people.

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popop is playing with Maribelle and Geoff Farina of karate, this sunday nov 12 at The House Cafe in dekalb. 7pm... be there... you know you should. also, on thursday (as in the 9th) we will be playing at the spring st house with The Sump Pumps and Prizzy Prizzy Please. i think the show starts at 6 and is going to be an early one due to weeknight sound constraints.

self portrait w/moon and stars...or , nefarious individual w/sunglasses w/henchman w/moon and stars.

charcoal on beer case,
masking tape,
paper scraps,
wood grain,
lint roller adhesive s

parts of pieces of people with roomate

london etc 2

also swayze is huge in london. HUGE. this last one is "chip-fork snake"

london etc

i found the perfect place for us to play, it's called the 12 bar club. you cant tell from the picture included (the tea and toast band) but its a charming dive with classic mod colors (orange and black) on the wall annoying graffiti on the bathroom and a cctv camera so you can watch the band from the bar. it is also incredibly small.

Monday, November 06, 2006

"wanna buy some taffy apples?"

"well i didn't, little girl, until you asked me that delightful question."

I think it may have been an exploited child wrapped up in some hustle. i gave her my phone number so that she could contact me about about the goods when they became available. she assured me she would come and find me if all else failed.

I'm certain my contact information has been sold and is now in the clutches of some information company somewhere... market research. here is a demographic that loves taffy apples so much that they're apt to paying strange children up front for delivery at a later date.

she had the sign up sheet... but then again she was a ten year old wandering around in the hood trying to sell taffy apples.

well jokes on them all... i don't even like taffy apples that much. could use that $2, though.

The next person she hit after she took my two bucks was the DHL delivery driver, and then a man standing at the end of the alley, mumbling and then every other person in her path as she moved down the street. I did notice that no one else that she solicited seemed to be in the mood for taffy apples.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

ready for the weather

The Sprites and Elves are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the ionosphere and the surface of the earth create a giant capacitor that stores an electrical charge. This system holds a conservation of charge and during fair weather, the current flows from the ionosphere to the ground, and during thunderstorms, the charge from the ground gets built up on the top of the thunderstorm, which sparks back to the ionosphere via phenomenon known as Red Sprites and Blue Jets. check them out, they are relatively new (discovered in 1990) and are huge electrical discharges that span distances of over 60km. They deliver tens of coulombs of charge via many unknown mechanisms. one of the leading theories is the runaway relatavistic electrons, where electrons above a certian energy threshold will continously gain momentum as they shoot through the field set up between the thunderstorm and the ionosphere. there are also gamma ray bursts quite like these sprites associated with thunderstorms, but the electrons in these bursts have far more energy and thus are not radiated in the visible spectrum, but produce high energy light that can be detected. so... thunderstorms are cool. by the way, the "blue notes" which are the minor 3rd and minor 7th sound best when they are bent... enjoy your lightning when you get it, and dont forget that relatavistic electrons expirience time much slower than we do.

Eric Oij
Atmospheric Physics Specialist

Thursday, November 02, 2006

try and make out the words fuckers.... i still am.

... but im getting close. maybe soon.
this is exactly the length of time that my cell phone records for. need to work with placement. hmmm.
voice message

here we go... found the page.

you know exactly what i mean mean by please make me feel good for once.
and the radio is playing on repeat all through the night (iron and wine).
"please remember me" and exactly what i mean.
i must have told some sort of lie when i promised not to fall asleep right here beside you.

i made a voice message to rememeber.

romp in one room (then the next).

Doing things quietly to pass the time. Much purpose... little direction. Sorta chasing maude around with a studio lighting kit, sorta not... The bathtub is getting better... I made it wireless.
...Never did figure out how to use the jacuzzi.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I feel ____ about yesterday.

sorry we used some of the CIARD smoothie materials.

this is starting to be not yesterday finally.

geoffs legs